Image result for Education in CanadaA lot of people have a keen interest in what education is like in Canada. There are those who want to come to this country to further their education. Then there are those that are Canadian parents who just have kids now entering into the school system. This website is dedicated to these individuals and the many more who have varying interests in Canadian education.

To make using this site more convenient and enjoyable it is segregated into sections.

Education Initiatives in Canada

This section is going to offer some real insight as to how serious the Canadian government is about the education in this country. It outlines some of the important initiatives that have been undertaken and how successful they are as well as their purposes. This section certainly doesn’t cover all of them but acts as examples. It gives those interested in the education in Canada some greater insight.

Best Schools in Canada

The schools are always one of the biggest concerns when it comes to those who are doing education research. Canada is very fortunate to have a large selection of schools on many different levels. This section has focused on a selection of Universities that are second to none and lack nothing in their educational offerings.

Recent News

This is an interesting section focusing on education related news that will be of interest to most anyone. It includes a few examples of how Canadian industry plays an important role in furthering and supporting the educational needs of students here.