2002 - 2003 PROJECTS


Aspotogan Consolidated Elementary School  Celebrating Me, Myself and I

Artists Jocelyn Cunningham, Carole Langille and Veronique MacKenzie Bourne led 154 students in grades P-5, through various activities which related to the health curriculum and were designed to develop self-awareness, understanding and respect for others.
Project partner: Lion's Club

Petite Riviere Elementary School  The River of Life

Using the river as a focus, 95 students in grades P-6 explored themes of growth and change. With visual artist Ronnie Scullion and poet Joanne Jefferson they created clay models depicting river life which served as a backdrop for story telling and as sets for an animated short film. Language arts, science, health and social studies were integrated into these activities.

Ecole Chebucto Heights Elementary School  The Peaceful Tree

Grades 3-6 worked with artist Kris Webster and fused natural and synthetic materials to create a large tree which now ‘grows' in the main foyer of the school, adorned with peaceful leaf messages from all students. This project was designed to promote a peaceful environment but students also studied scientific and environmental issues relating to trees.

George D. Lewis School  Who Has Fished Here?

Inspired by an intensive study of the local history of the fishing industry Grades Six and Nine (60 students) worked with visual artist Kyle Jackson to create a series of exterior sculptures which expressed their answers to the question, ‘Who has fished here?'.

Hawthorn School  Keyframes

Storyteller/video artist Seana Kozar led 174 students as they explored the many facets of storytelling as it relates to communication and cross-cultural understanding. They videotaped the telling of their own stories and developed video editing skills.

Highland Park  Where Are You Coming From?

Inspired by family photographs and neighbourhood images, Grade 7 students explored their own origins and attitudes, then created a dialogue to dramatize the visual imagery and develop music to accompany the dramatization, with the help of artists T.H. Hatte and Matthieu Keijser.

Madeline Symonds Middle School  Start The Walls Talking

During this, the second year of a five year program Grades Five through Nine (650) explored the nature of walls in relation to the science curriculum (bio-diversity, ozone layer, dams, hives, webs, nests cellular walls, heart walls, etc.) With artists Joycelyn Cunningham (drama), Veronique MacKenzie-Bourne (dance) and Marijke Simonds (visual).

Bridgewater Elementary School Making Tracks... A Journey of Discovery

Under the guidance of artists Ronnie Scullion and Joanne Jefferson Grade 4 students examined the history of the railway in Bridgewater and created their own dramatized journey through time. Language arts, health education and social studies were integrated with visual art and performance.

Prince Arthur Junior High  Our World, Our Story

Guided by graphic artist David Cullen, students in Grades 7-9 produced their own comic-book page relating to their various fields of study in language arts, social studies and peace initiatives: autobiographies, mythology, myth and legends relating to African drumming. Some of these frames were enlarged into murals reflecting the work of Liechtenstein.

Ragged Islands Consolidated  Molding Math

Working with clay and local artist Alison Stanton Grades Primary to Two students (75) made their own personalized counters and geometric shapes, place-mats for story building and bracelets of ‘counting beads' to integrate with math curriculum.

Waverley Memorial L.C. Skerry School  An Arctic Adventure

With the help of artists Matthieu Keijser, Veronique MacKenie-Bourne and Susan Tooke, students in Grades 2, 3 and 5created an Arctic environment through mural, sound scape and creative movement which refer to topics such as endangered species, weather patterns, habitat, transportation, food and the Inuit culture.

Wolfville School  Writing and Living L'Acadie

Led by writer Sophie Berube, 55 Grade Seven students researched Acadian history and used genealogical research to write historical biographies (relating to social studies) which were presented, in costume at Grande Pre Park, to peers, parents and the public.

Newport Elementary School  Once on an Island

With artist/musician Rose Vaughan, students rehearsed and performed a musical exploring the culture, social structure and mythology of Haiti which supported the main curriculum links with social studies.