2003 - 2004 PROJECTS


Bayview Community School  Mahone Bay  Listening to the Fairy Folk
This project combined poetry and expressive movement with imagination and weekly journeys into the local woodlands where the forest became the classroom.  Artists Sarah McClure and Joanne Jefferson led 42 Grade 3 students through the various activities.

Brooklands Elementary School  The Baille Ard Blues

This project combined traditional hands-on crafts and modern technology and used an artistic approach to study the environment through the science curriculum.  Artist Iris Currie led 500 students from grades 2-5 through the various activities.

Caledonia Junior High School  Crafting Our Community
Grade 9 students explored the influences of various topographical, cultural and historical structures in their community and illustrated these on clay tiles, which were mounted as a mural.  Artist for this project was Mady Kopstein.

Dr. Arthur Hines School  Exploring the Salt Marsh

Fifty Students from Grades 5 and 6 worked with artists Ronnie Scullion and Ariella Pahlke.  They explored their salt marsh through documentary video-making, a walk through room-sized installation and a well attended Open House event.  This project illustrated the devastating effects of an improperly designed culvert on the local salt marsh.

Felix Marchand/Louisdale School  MaMoMu

French Immersion students from Grades 2 and 3 worked with three artists: Matthieu Keijser, Veronique MacKenzie Bourne and Dominique Gusset. The students used music to explore their new language and highlights from all the curriculum subjects.  They wrote a series of songs which they recorded with professional accompaniment onto CD.

Dr. John Hugh Gillis School  Video in the Classroom

This project documented the rapidly changing culture in Antigonish, a traditional university town, with emphasis on history/heritage topics as well as interviews and personal anecdotes. 285 students from grades 10 and 11 worked with artist Peter Murphy.

Hantsport School  Sailing Through our History

The school produced a play based on the shipbuilding heritage of this community.  Students worked on historical research, set and costume design and manufacture, an audiovisual presentation and script writing.  Artists Kyle Jackson and Sophie Berube worked with 65 students from Grades 7 - 9.

Lockeport School  Tempest Tossed

Grade 5 students worked with artists Darcy Rhyno and Alison Stanton to examine the founding of their community from a Shakespearean perspective.  They re-wrote The Tempest as it might have happened on nearby Ragged Island, rescripting the founding Locke family as the main characters.

Newport Station School  Acadia Revisited

100 students from grade 1 to 6 immersed themselves in their Acadian heritage and produced art pieces, which include a triptych representing the experience of the original French settlers and a hooked rug on a similar theme.

Park View Education Centre  To the River

Students in Grade 12 Global Geography, English and in the Skilled Trades Exploration Program created sculptures inspired by poems and short dramatic pieces written after researching the educational loves of adolescents their own age in three African locations - Kenya, Ghana and South Africa.

Riverside Education Centre  Mural

Artist Susan Tooke worked with 60 students from Grades 6 and 7 to portray their diverse cultural heritage as a large triptych on canvas, which was displayed at local events before permanent installation in the school.

St. Stephen's School  Mandalas in the Maritimes

Students from Grades 3 and 6 included math principles and natural history research in their art-making, which included regular sketching trips, a community art show and installation pieces.  Artist for the project was Zehava Power.

West Northfield Elementary School  Don't Bug Me, I'm Learning!

200 Students from Primary to Grade 6 studied bugs through their art-making and constructed large papier mache bugs as props for a performance piece titled The Butterfly Ball.  Artists for the project were Ronnie Scullion and Rose Vaughan.