Project Letters of Interest


Schools interested in receiving ArtsSmarts funding for a project are invited to submit a Project Letter of Interest. 

Click here for guidelines for writing a Project Letter of Interest.

Additional Project Considerations:

Artists listed with the project must be approved ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia artists.

Artist applications are on-line and must be submitted one month prior to the Project Letter deadline to be considered for the project.

Artists must be notified by the school and review the Project Letter of Interest prior to its submission.

Projects are expected to run a minimum of five ‘artist days’ according to a proposed schedule.  An ‘artist day’ is a full day one artist works in the school. If two artists work in the school on the same day, this will be seen as two ‘artist days’.

Artists are paid based on $250/per day plus travel and expenses (where applicable). 

The maximum amount of ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia funding for one project is $3000. 

Applicants are encouraged to include planning time that will allow for artists and teachers to plan their sessions together in detail. 

Projects take place during the school year for which they are approved and activities are normally conducted during regular class time.

Schools applying to the ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia program are required to contribute 30% of their project’s total budget.
  (For example, if a project’s total budget is $2500, the school would contribute $750 and ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia would contribute $1750.)

Eligibility and Expectations:

Eligible costs include artist's fees, expenses and consumable supplies such as paint, clay, film and fabric.  Capital costs for items such as computers, cameras or musical instruments will not be covered.  Administrative costs are also not eligible.  Projects should be consistent with Department of Education learning outcomes and successful applicants are required to submit a Final Project Report on completion of their project.


Contact the ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia Coordinator (902.424.6651 to discuss ideas on how to get your community involved in supporting your project.