About ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia

Schools applying to the ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia program are required to contribute 30% of their project’s total budget.  (For example, if a project’s total budget is $2500, the school would contribute $750 and ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia would contribute $1750.)

Contact the ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia Coordinator (902.424.6651 websterk@gov.ns.ca) to discuss ideas on how to get your community involved in supporting your project.

While the ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia Coordinator is working with the province’s school boards and other provincial organizations to solicit additional support funding for schools, schools are encouraged to establish their own community funding partnerships.

ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia is also continuing to network to establish partnerships with other funding sources in the province.  The goals of this networking initiative are to:

  • Maximize community involvement in the program
  • Make the program fully sustainable
  • Increase funds to support additional school projects

ArtsSmarts projects


  • are interdisciplinary and forge connections between disparate subject areas


  • involve collaboration between school and community


  • recognise the rich interchange between artists and children


  • encourages awareness of the role of the arts and culture in daily life


  • embody the idea that engagement in learning requires active enquiry, personal discovery, and a commitment to make meaning through doing


  • require that students take responsibility for personal learning


  • demand that students demonstrate the openness and flexibility that encourage uniqueness, innovation, and risk-taking in setting and solving problems


  • recognise that the arts are providers of cognitive as well as affective experience; that the arts have the power to express and communicate in significant and persuasive ways


  • provide a working environment that overcomes the limitations of school scheduling


  • celebrate the student self-esteem that comes with achievement through community presentation of products of value


  • promote student articulation and dialogue through collaborative learning


  • maintain a commitment to affording arts opportunities to culturally distinct groups


  • maintain a commitment to affording arts opportunities to special needs students

An ArtsSmarts project is a cost-effective, powerful method of giving students an arts experience that is integrally related to other subject content. An ArtsSmarts project breaks down boundaries and can profoundly expand teaching and learning in schools. Collaboration with artists and other community resources helps to establish new visions of what might be.


Program Deadlines

This year, schools interested in receiving ArtsSmarts funding for a project are invited to submit a Project Letter of Interest Click here for guidelines for writing a Letter of Interest.

The deadline for Project Letters of Interest is Wed October 5, 2016.


Project Applications

In order for a project to be truly successful it does need to be carefully planned. Time for ideas to mature and evolve through discussion and further consideration is an integral part of this planning. It is quite acceptable for schools to submit a rough proposal of their ideas to ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia and we will be glad to discuss it in detail and perhaps make suggestions.

It is strongly advised that schools begin to plan their projects early.  Most of the planning can take place during the preceding term and in fact, Letters of Interest will be accepted prior to the deadline.

Because we are dedicated to integrating art into all aspects of the curriculum we want to assist schools in developing successful projects, designed especially to suit the needs of their students and to support the vision of their teachers.  We want to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us.