Artists Directory: Annapolis Valley




No ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia dance artists registered in this area.




Kenny Byrka (Annapolis) is a singer/songwriter, producer, voice-over artist and former front-man of the rock trio, Sleddogs. He has over 25 years' experience in music education, songwriting and record production. Byrka has toured schools across Canada with the 'No Time For That' Anti-Bullying campaign and offers a ‘Write and Record’ workshop opportunity for P-12 students interested in the art of songwriting and recording.

Eric Allen (Annapolis) is a jazz pianist with a recently released CD who teaches, composes and performs. He has extensive experience in schools organizing musicals and projects which combine music, art and dance and has been Music Director for Festival Antigonish Children's Theater.

Olivia Frampton (Wolfville) See entry under Visual Art.

Kadijah Photiades (Digby), 902-245-2760 is a percussionist/singer/songwriter with 30 years experience in performance and 20 years teaching and facilitating. She has taught long and short drumming, song and dance programs in the schools  with a focus on West African and Middle Eastern rhythms. She also uses the drums to encourage well-being and cooperation.


Theatre / Literary

Sophie Bérubé (Wolfville) writer, actress and bilingual teacher shares her passion for fiction and the symbiotic relationship it can have with history and especially the Acadian experience. Students practice spoken and written French language skills in performance pieces they create.

Olivia Frampton (Wolfville) See entry under Visual Art.

Kathy France (Wolfville) (902) 697-2607 Kathy is an actress/director/producer in Wolfville and the founder and Artistic director of Caravan Theatre.  Kathy also has extensive international theatre experience.  "My dream is to not only inspire in students a learning of content and an appreciation of the fine arts, but also to aid in the development of personal skills such as respect, risk-taking and integrity." - Kathy France

Martine Jacquot (Waterville) 538-3668
is a bilingual (French and English) artist.  She has given many workshops with schools, universities and writers' groups and can relate to most aspects of writing: short story, novel, poetry and journalism. Martine has many tricks to trigger the imagination and the psychology behind discovering oneself and others.

Mark Oakley (Wolfville) is a versatile graphic novelist, known for his enthusiastic approach to graphic and comic creativity. He has experience in delivering workshops and presentations for children and is involved in a nation-wide literacy forum incorporating graphics and reading for young people.

Video / New Media


Kimberly Smith (Canning) is a multi media artist who has worked with the Alexander Society, Irondale Ensemble, Neptune Theatre School and has extensive experience in education for special needs children.  He sees video as "a natural extension of written language" and a rich form to create and document school news, culture, drama and comedy.

Visual Arts


Terry Drahos (Wolfville) is a painter, graphic designer and art education specialist.  She has also worked with Ross Creek Centre, Acadia University and the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board on art-projects.  Drahos uses a combination of art history, skill development and self exploration to share the excitement of learning through art-making with children.

Olivia Frampton (Wolfville) (902) 542-2044 Olivia Frampton has a background in visual art as well as music and theatre.  She has 10 years experience working with Nova Scotia schools, which includes developing art classes for children, teaching music, planning plays and creating sets for musicals and educating teachers on incorporating art in the classroom. "I aim to teach something meaningful and useful about art yet have the classes remain fun and exciting for students"

Robert Hainstock (Centreville) is a painter/mixed media artist who specializes in printmaking techniques and has years of experience as an instructor. He is also an experienced reporter, an award winning journalist and a photographer with a special interest in rural architecture.

Marlene Joudry (Mt. Uniacke) designs, prepares and produces native arts and crafts and employs a unique style of porcupine quill work and quill jewelry as taught by native elders in the traditional style.

Shalan Joudry (Bear River) is a multidisciplinary artist.  She has taught performing arts workshops in First Nations communities throughout the Maritimes, involving music, theatre and dance. She has also directed a children's play in PEI as well as directing video documentaries.  In addition to ArtsSmarts, Shalan has also worked with Two Planks and A Passion Theatre and the Ross Creek Centre.

Jay Leblanc (Little Brook)
is a visual artist mostly known for her innovative stained glass hangings. She also experiments with painting, printmaking, mixed media, photography and poetry, along with art installations. She has worked on a variety of ArtsSmarts projects in both the Valley region and Yarmouth area. My art is largely influenced by, and reflective of the natural surroundings of the southwestern Nova Scotia shoreline; specifically the Acadian region of Baie Ste. Marie. - Jay Leblanc

Simone Labuschagne (Wolfville) has art experience working with young children, adolescents and adults.  She has taught Saturday morning art classes for children and is the co-educator for Paint Escape Workshops, which involve art and outdoor education.  "My
talents as an artist help inspire children and guide them through to the final completion and formal presentation of a project."

Judith Leidl (Wolfville) has experience drawing and painting in a variety of mediums and also uses various printmaking and sculptural techniques to create her art. She has exhibited her art nationally and internationally and enjoys working in a public school setting.

Rion Microys (Annapolis Royal) is a multi-talented artist.  Recently, her work in paper mache has ranged from a series engaging animal pieces to working with other artists on large, collaborative sculptures.  Rion's creative use of paper mache would appeal to any age.

Twila Robar-DeCoste (Aylesford) draws her inspiration from nature, creating realistic images in watercolour, pen and ink, and acrylic. She has illustrated numerous books, has extensive experience working with students of all ages and a special interest in art/biology integration.

Elizabeth Sircom (Hantsport) is a bilingual visual artist who also spent 12 years teaching drawing and painting in Le Havre, France. She has also worked on community development art projects and enjoys working as part of a team.  "I have used a wide variety of techniques and media in my own work.  [This] has made it easier to adapt to students' diverse personalities and needs." - Elizabeth Sircom

Sharon Trueman (Bear River)
uses art to assist teachers in meeting their teaching goals while bringing students to an awareness of how art enriches life and learning. She is familiar with various paint/ drawing techniques and has a background in art therapy and computer animation.