Artists Directory: Halifax




Penelope Evans-Spicer (Halifax) has been teaching dance and choreographing children since 1972. She has developed a variety of approaches to dance including incorporating creative writing with movement to produce spoken movement collage.

Veronique MacKenzie (Halifax) specializes in modern dance, creative movement and jazz. She has been involved with curriculum development and teacher training and has choreographed/collaborated with visual artists and developed creative exercises for children.

Kathy Martin Parker (Dartmouth) has been teaching dance for ten years to various groups. She uses the language of dance as a different form of expression which works well for conflict resolution, but can also relate to physics principles, poetry, social studies and language arts.



Kenny Byrka (Halifax) A song writing and recording workshop for grades K - 12 where students collaborate and compose an original song that is recorded on site using a Mobile Digital Audio work station. Students are mentored through the creative elements of song writing and gain hands-on experie with the recording process. Participants leave the workshop with a mixed audio file of their work.

Marsha Coffey (Dartmouth) 469-2268/ This award winning composer and musician (piano/percussion) has worked for many years providing original music for theater, film and dance. She has also worked extensively with young native artists in various collaborations in Canada and Denmark.

David Langstroth (Halifax) 346-2037/ David is a talented musician interested in leading creative workshops for children to develop their skills in creativity, criticism and performance through music.  He has extensive classroom experience in Halifax as well as having worked in Britain.

Ashley Moffat (Halifax) Ashley Moffat writes and performs songs that reflect her love of nature. Her experience working with Parks Canada and the NS Museum of Natural History has resulted in a wealth of knowledge which she shares in an inimitable way with students.

The Wilderbeats (Halifax) 429-4651/ The Wilderbeats are Joyce Saunders and Shannon Lynch, two talented musicians who share a background in youth-focused environmental education (collectively: HRM's Adventure Earth Centre, Heartwood Institute, NS Museum of Natural History, Discovery Centre). They write and perform clever, catchy songs about nature for the young and young-at-heart. Their show is fun, interactive and educational.



Tanya Davis (Halifax) likes to combine literary arts, in particular spoken word and poetry, with performance.  She is an experienced writer, performance poet and musician, with lots of passion and ability to get people interested in poetry and language.

Irondale Ensemble (Halifax) This group has worked on many community development projects. They use theatre games to build confidence and to popularize story telling; the interpretation of life through drama and to bring new ideas to existing strengths.

Mike Holmes (Halifax) is an illustrator and professional comic book/graphic novel artist. He performs comedy, teaches workshops for young people and was writer for the CBC's "Street Cents". He believes the comic book can be a valuable tool in literacy and creativity promotion.

T.H. Hatte (Halifax) has worked alone and in collaboration with visual and music artists on multi media, stage and creative writing projects in Elementary and Junior High Schools. Currently T.H. is touring a performance piece, BULLY BEEF, in schools across Nova Scotia.

Shauntay Grant (Halifax)  Shauntay Grant is a writer, spoken word performer, broadcast journalist, and musician. She has shared her blend of poetry and music internationally at festivals and events, and as Halifax's third Poet Laureate she organized Canada's first national gathering of Canadian Poets Laureate. Shauntay regularly conducts arts workshops and performances for youth and adults at festivals, schools and community centres around the country. She coordinates the Halifax-based arts-for-social-change project Poets 4 Change, and she organizes Wordrhythm, a performance showcase that encourages collaboration between poets and musicians. Shauntay was a Poet of Honour at the 2010 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Ottawa, and a recipient of a 2011 INSPIRE Award from Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Natasha MacLellan (Halifax) has been working in the Nova Scotian theatre community over the last several years as an actor, writer, director, producer and teacher. She has performed with Mulgrave Road Theatre, Ship’s Company Theatre, Forerunner Playwrights Co-op, One Light Theatre, Exodus Theatre, The Chester Playhouse and as an ensemble member of the Irondale Ensemble Project. She is President of Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre and this past June was honoured by being named the protégé of Jenny Munday, recipient of the inaugural Mallory Gilbert award for demonstrating leadership in the theatre community.

Steve Vernon (Halifax) is a writer, poet and storyteller who captivates audiences with his presentations on stage and in the classroom. His energetic manner and creative approach reflect his desire to help students develop their own creative skills in a supportive environment.

Clyde Wray (Halifax) is a published poet, playwright and director whose work has been performed at the Apollo Theater, N.Y. His wealth of experience includes service in Vietnam and with the Border Patrol U.S. and appearances in numerous public schools and universities.

Gloria Wesley (Halifax) is an African Nova Scotia writer who enjoys mixing black history with artistic expression in the classroom.  Gloria has conducted historical and literary workshops across the province.  Her rich images and often heart-rending descriptions take us into Wesley's world of growing up as a person of African descent. -excerpt from a review of Wesley's book, Burlap and Lace

Video/New Media


Dominique Gusset (Duncans Cove) has extensive experience in the film industry and as an instructor for various workshops on animation and film making. She also has an interest in theater, music and new media and is particularly interested in Francophone collaborations.

Lorna Kirk (Halifax) 455-1634 has worked in Nepal and Russia as a film maker with a strong interest in visual anthropology. She is inspired and impressed by kids! This enthusiasm infuses all her teaching assignments.

Ann Verrall (Halifax) is a film maker with extensive experience working with youth. She has also travelled with the Atlantic Film Festival's Festival in a Van and worked with the Saskatchewan Cutural Exchange Society  teaching script writing and video production for all grades in 20 schools. " A project can take students through a workshop process to create a short video from concept development, script writing, directing, production and editing depending on the amount of time." - Ann Verrall

Seana Kozar (Dartmouth)
combines her experience as a storyteller with her skills as video artist and editor to explore many aspects of cross cultural experience. Students are encouraged to explore develop effective communication skills through story.

Visual Arts


Barbara Burzlaff-Huner (Musquodoboit Harbour) is a ceramic artist, teacher and experienced workshop presenter.  Clay is well suited to exploring and expressing in 2 or 3 dimensional spatial compositions and integrates well with Social Studies, Health and Language Arts units.

Sarah Cheetham (Halifax) is a ceramic artist in Spryfield. She has also studied historic pottery and enjoys incorporating aspects of older, traditional clay techniques into contemporary works.

David Cullen (Halifax)
is a comic book artist/writer, a storyboard illustrator and graphic artist. He teaches sequential art and integrates it with the curriculum outcomes (mathematics, history, social studies) by encouraging students to create a visual a story.

Dramatic Changes ~ Ross Unger and Katie MacDonald (Halifax) are social justice artists who make musicals, films, games, and other interdisciplinary art. They collaborate with community groups to make art about local issues and help build community identity and cohesion. 

Iris Currie (Halifax) is skilled and experienced in all aspects of puppetry and often incorporates puppet making and manipulation into her arts-based educational projects. She illustrates, paints in watercolour and oil, has produced historical murals and has extensive experience as an educator.

Janet Engelhart (Bedford) has been painting and creating since a very young age.  Still inspired by her inner child, she endeavours to instill a love of art in children and adults alike.  Janet teaches basic painting techniques as well as classes customized to the needs and interests of specific groups.

Margarita Fainshtein (Halifax)
has taught art to children at the public libraries, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and several community centres.  She is also experienced in organizing children's art exhibitions and her art skills are versatile, including glass painting techniques and video production.

Renee Forrestall (Halifax) Recognized as a figurative painter, Forrestall's work includes iconography, portraiture and landscape painting.  She has extensive experience conducting workshops for schools and is known for her innovative and enthusiastic approach to learning.

Kyle Jackson (Halifax) is known for the subtle humour and social commentary which often infuses his work. Often this has a structural component and can translate as large exterior or interior sculpture which relates to the environment but also to individuals within the community.

Pat Loucks (Bedford) concentrates on process rather than product using methods such as tie-dye and block printing. She has demonstrated weaving as it related to the lives of early settlers and has produced a story quilts and other visual representations of stories.

Melissa Marr (Halifax) 454-5781 is a versatile artist with extensive experience in drawing, printmaking and performance art.  She as taught for the Art Gallery of NS, with an emphasis on creativity, self-expression and exploration.

Laurie Publicover Mireau (Halifax) 429-7078 Laurie combines her years of classroom teaching with her training and experience as a professional artist.  She teaches drawing and painting, works in watercolors and switches to oils or acrylics for her larger paintings and mural work.


Candice Prior (Halifax) is a jewellery designer. She also teaches at the NS Centre for Craft and Design and incorporates the history of jewellery making into classes. Her basic wire working techniqes allow students to make jewellery from a variety of objects and she also works with metals, glass, beads, fibre and ceramics.

Yolanda Poplawska (Halifax) A creatively dedicated individual with expertise in visual communications. Yolanda has illustrated and published several children's books and studied Early Childhood Education at St. Josephs.

Richard Rudicki (Halifax) 902-492-0787 Well-known artist in acrylic painting, and pen and ink. Figurative, portraiture, landscape. Children's picture book illustrator. Daily memory sketches. Private classes, workshops, schools.

Larry Sibley (Musquodoboit Harbour) works in several mediums including water colour, pencil, pastel and acrylic techniques. He has many years experience as a teacher and a special interest in encouraging students to explore their inner selves through art.

Marijke Simons (Dartmouth) has a wealth of experience working with students and she is equally adept working with most paint mediums. She is able to accommodate most aspects of curriculum and enjoys working with teachers to formulate creative approaches to learning.

Jacqueline Steudler (Fall River) is an artist and art therapist with 13 years art teaching experience.  She explores the creative process through different painting techniques and uses a variety of media including acrylic, watercolour, egg tempera, gouache, drawing and mixed media.

Mady Thiel-Kopstein (Dartmouth) specializes in clay work, gardening and mosaics and offers her services to schools through the VanGo Mobile to teach various related techniques. She has experience as an interpreter in Jasper Park, as a veterinary assistant and as a flight instructor.

Susan Tooke (Halifax) majored in art education and has taught at elementary and middle school levels. She has created murals and illustrated children's books, and incorporates digitally manipulated images in her own work as well as in collaborations with other artists.