Artists Directory: South Shore




Sarah McClure (Mahone Bay) uses dance and creative movement for healing and to nurture a deeper understanding of self and others. She often relates her projects to outdoor surroundings and has been part of many collaborative dance projects with students of various ages.

Nancy Sherwood (Riverport) uses interpretive dance, enhanced with visual creations, to develop closer spiritual ties with the natural world and local community. Much of her work is inspired by Celtic, Native and African cultures and she has participated in many collaborative performances.



Reid Campbell (Mahone Bay) 624-8269/ Reid trained as a musician and has taught theatre and dance. He has extensive experience in researching, directing, producing, writing and performing plays and songs with children and youth.

Theatre / Literary


Joanne Jefferson (Pentz) writes in many different genres: poetry, fiction, drama for magazines, newspapers and radio. Her experience with young writers enables her to convey her passion for language and self-expression as she guides students in explorations of local culture and natural history.

Carole Langille (South Shore) leads students to create poetry around the exploration of self by encouraging them to clarify and reflect on their thoughts and ideas with consideration on how these relate to the experiences of their peers. Poetry readings are integral to the experience.

Video / New Media


Ronnie Scullion (LaHave) is a new media artist specializing in video game design, web design and animation. She is also Owner/Director of Artech Camps where she teaches
'creative technologies' that include robotics, video game creation and animation (stop motion and computer).

Visual Arts


Kelly Barker (Lunenburg) is a talented visual artist and art teacher with a diverse range of art related teaching experience. She has coordinated and delivered art programs for various schools in the south shore region.  Stated one teacher, "Kelly has a wealth of strategies to reach children in many different ways. Her project ideas are extremely effective in engaging student interest."

Rebecca Fisk (Mahone Bay)
is an experienced artist and teacher.  Her artwork can be described as multimedia and she often includes photography and collage in her pieces.  Rebecca has a strong sense of herself as an African Nova Scotian artist and often explores issues of identity in her work. Fisk believes in “making something good and positive out of yourself”.

Deborah Hickman (Mahone Bay) incorporates fibre arts, such as rag weaving and paper making as well as costume creation, drawing and painting, into school based projects. She enjoys collaborating and is able to fully integrate students' art experience with curriculum outcomes.