Businesses Involved in Education

Image result for Businesses Involved in EducationMany of the financial institutions in Canada participate a great deal in helping with education. They each have adopted their own approach.

After School Programs

While what goes on in the classroom is usually considered to be the most important component of education needs it extends beyond this. Many parents who are working have to be concerned as to what takes place after school while waiting for the parents to arrive home from work.

One particular bank that recognizes this is the Royal Bank. For this reason and for the benefit of the children they focus on after-school programs.


Sports play an important role in education. Various types of learning activities can teach some valuable life lessons that can be carried forward into the working work. A lot of the Banks and other financial institutions provide a lot of support for young athletes. They also create opportunities for the less fortunate children by contributing to equipment that many parents cannot afford to buy. A good example of this is the Jumpstart program that Canadian Tire has put in place.

Art as Part of Education

Art programs are considered to be a very important part of education. For this reason, some of the financial institutions will invest in this in a variety of ways. Some have set up foundations where they encourage affiliates to participate in where large amounts of money are collected. This money is then filtered back into various communities to support their arts programs.

Task Forces

There are also some task forces that have been created to line up people without jobs and jobs without people. This is to tackle the growing problem of not having enough skilled workers to meet the growing demands that many Canadian businesses have.

When business entities do their part to help the educational needs of their communities it is a win-win situation.