Image result for Canada’s Farm to School InitiativeOne thing that Canada has recently shown a lot of interest in is the nutrition of students. They have stepped up some of the educational programs to encourage more knowledge about food. They are encouraging students to make better choices when it comes to what they consume.

Food orientated Programs

Many of the schools will now have food orientated programs that give them some hands-on experience. This way the students get to see how the food is prepared with the focus on retaining many of its nutrients.

From the Farm to the Schools

The concept of this program is to have some of the foods brought in fresh from the farms. Then the schools will educate the children about these foods and origins. Part of the program will include;

  • Learning about sustainable food systems
  • marketing and distribution
  • Healthy food options
  • Preparation of the different foods

Hopefully, this is going to help to combat some of the nutritional issues that many of the children are facing in Canada. With one of the primary ones being childhood obesity. Much of which comes from the wrong food choices. Also, it is hoped that this new initiative will help to reduce many of the chronic diseases that are food related.

The Cost Factor

This new initiative is not going to be cheap. It is estimated that the cost is going to be over $1.2 million dollars, spread out over a three year period.

Another goal of the program is that what the kids will learn from this will also have a long-term effect. Meaning that they will carry this education forward with them. Then once they reach adulthood and start raising kids of their own healthy eating will be part of the routine of raising them. Focusing more on nutrition also helps the students throughout their school years.