Image result for Canada’s Open Education InitiativesThis is an initiative that dates back to 2012 and is one that was adopted by British Columbia. It refers to the BC Open Textbook Project.

What Are Open Textbooks?

One of the biggest expenses that come with education in Canada is having to purchase the many different textbooks that they need for their different courses.

An open textbook is one that is available online. It can be accessed by anyone at no charge. Sometimes there are printed versions that can be obtained at very little cost.

These are proving to be of great value to the students. But, the teachers are finding them to be of great benefit as well.

Teachers Using Open Textbooks

Teachers can rely on this to restructure their course materials. This way more students can make use of the open textbooks.

The Quality of the Open Texbooks

Those that are making use of these resources are most pleased with the quality of the material they have access to. Many of the books offer additional resources that really help to expand student learning. Some of these resources are mock tests, videos and powerpoint slides.

Easy Access

Students and teachers find these textbooks easy to access through their computers or mobile devices. They are clearly indexed. Those that have additional resources are flagged as such. To date, there are over 60 textbooks that have been revised or newly developed.

Other Opportunities

There are other opportunities for learning that are similar to these. Some of the other open sources are audios and videos. They are contained within the public domain so that anyone can use them with no restrictions based on school or region.

This really does allow for enhanced learning. It doesn’t come down to which student can afford to buy textbooks. Nor, do students have to refrain from taking a specific course because of affordability of the learning materials.