Does a Post Secondary Education Make Your Rich?

Image result for Does a Post Secondary Education Make You Rich?The majority of parents put a lot of emphasis on their children getting a post-secondary education. But, many young people are beginning to question the validity of this.

Is it Worth It?

The young ones who feel as though they are being pressured into furthering their education are raising concerns about what this is going to do for them. The parents and educators response to this is that it is going to give them the financial security that they will need for their future.

What is frustrating for many of the students is the amount of money they have to invest by way of student loans. The student debt load in Canada right now is at about $28 billion.

Students are concerned that they are going to be spending at least the first few years in the working world just paying back their student debt. So instead of looking forward to a strong financial future, they are looking at starting off with a load of debt.

Getting Students to See the Big Picture

To give the students more incentive it may help to get them to understand that they are not shouldering the full brunt of education. The government does contribute to this. So do the taxpayers as a good portion of their taxes is contributed to funding education.

The Payoff

In spite of these challenges, education experts are still touting that education does pay off. Statistics are supporting that kids with a post-secondary diploma are getting somewhere in the working work. It is showing that they are able to out perform those who do not have this education. Which in turn means they are earning more. The earnings may not meet the definition of rich by the graduates standards but it does set them up so they can climb the corporate ladders which leads to higher income.