Education Around the Globe

Image result for Education Around the GlobeEducation in Canada is of a very high standard. But, this doesn’t mean that attention shouldn’t be paid to what is going on in the rest of the world when it comes to learning. Many countries have developed new and innovative ways for learning that can be beneficial to other countries like Canada.

Floating Schools

While in Canada the majority of students are used to the traditional classroom setting but the same cannot be said in Bangladesh. Here they need to compensate for the weather which can have a dire effect on their learning environment. To adjust for this classes are often held on floating boats that are solar powered.

Virtual Reality

There is no question that the latest technology is filtering its way into the classroom. In the UK it is all about virtual reality that is being used in a variety of different subjects. Children no longer need to go on field trips that are costly and take a lot of planning. Their field trips can take place through VR while they are sitting in their seats.

The Green Classroom

The green classroom is not referring to the colour of the class but with the focus on sustainability. In Bali, it is all about the preservation of the environment. This is a lesson learned first hand with the all green classrooms that the children get to learn in.

Putting Children’s Energy to Good Use

Almost everyone will agree that children are full of energy. But in Ghana that energy is harvested and put to good use. The children play in playgrounds that have merry-go-rounds that create energy that can be harvested to provide more light in their school setting. A perfect solution for this region’s energy shortage.

Each one of these is prime examples that every country can learn from and perhaps install certain components of it into their own educational setting.