2006 - 2007


School Projects

Project Title Canadian Icon Idol

School Bayview Community School

Student (s) 64 Grade 8s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Liz Brideau-Clark, Susan Crowell

Name(s) of Artist(s) Reid Campbell

Project Partner(s) Family and friends assistance with celebration performance


Project Title Connections 2007- The Road to Freedom

School Cornerstone Academy

Student (s) 20 Grade 5-9s and adult learners from Alpha Outreach Society

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Angela Colborne

Name(s) of Artist(s) Darlene Strong

Project Partner(s) Nova Scotia Department of African Nova Scotia Affairs, Cumberland County School of the Arts Society, Alpha Outreach Society, Cornerstone Cultural Centre


Project Title Citizenship from the Inside Out

School Central Spryfield Elementary

Student (s) 42 Grade 3s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Lisa Macdonald, Lynn Hackett

Name(s) of Artist(s) Irondale Ensemble


Project Title Puppets in the Classroom

School EB Chandler Junior High

Student (s) 120 Grade 7-8s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Jane Wood, Wendy Nordby

Name(s) of Artist(s) Karen Stentaford

Project Partner(s) Parents volunteered their time to assist with theatre and set construction


Project Title Exploring the Texture and Fibre of our School Culture

School Elisabeth Sutherland School

Student (s) 75 Grade 9s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Sue Vey, Sabine Fels

Name(s) of Artist(s) Melissa Marr

Project Partner(s) Parents volunteered to assist with project preparation and provided supplies.


Project Title Puppeteering!

School Hebbville Academy

Student (s) 150 Grade P – 4s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Erin Ramsey

Name(s) of Artist(s) Lani Gerity

Project Partner(s) Members of the community provided recyclable materials for the project and were invited to the project’s celebration performance.


Project Title Graphic Novels: Too Cool for Words…

School Herring Cove Junior High

Student (s) 115 Grade 8’s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Allison Bolton, Grant Dunbar, Wayne Macintyre

Name(s) of Artist(s) Mike Holmes

Project Partner(s) An Open House is planned for the community, family and friends to see an exhibition of the student’s project work.


Project Title Culture Myths

School JH Gillis Regional High School

Student (s) 30 Grade 10 - 11s (and the school’s Japanese exchange students)

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Brad Puskas

Name(s) of Artist(s) Alice Hoskins

Project Partner(s) The community, parents and friends were invited to a tea and art exhibition fundraising event, organized and hosted by the students.  Funds raised by the students were used to prepare and frame their art for exhibition.  Their art was displayed at the Strait Regional School Board Office and then sent to the Labo Japanese Exchange Program (supported by St Francis Xavier University) where it was exhibited at their headquarters in Tokyo.


Project Title Slam Bam Poetry

School JL Ilsley High School

Student (s) 200 Grade 11s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Melissa Trenbirth, Tracy Beaton, Jack Ward

Name(s) of Artist(s) Shauntay Grant

Project Partner(s) Additional Slam Poetry artists offered to visit the school and perform some of their work for the students.  JL Ilsley Student Council supported the project by hosting fundraising events, organizing a Slam Poetry Club and a Coffee House event.  The community, family and friends were invited to the Coffee House where the students performed their poetry works.


Project Title Kamishibai Community

School Joseph Howe Elementary

Student (s) 120 Grade P-6s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Robert Macdonald, Patricia Barton, all 20 teachers in the school

Name(s) of Artist(s) Melissa Marr

Project Partner(s) Community and parent support through story sharing, donations of supplies and attending the final celebration performance.  Nauss Bikes, a local business, offered support and mentorship to the project.


Project Title Puppetry in an Inclusionary Classroom

School Memorial Composite High School

Student (s) 40 Grade 11s and Learning Centre Students

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Debbie McLean, Jeri Pero-Fraser

Name(s) of Artist(s) Iris Currie

Project Partner(s) Cape Breton University supported this ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia project through an Arts and Ecology grant funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Commission (SSHRC).  The Arts and Ecology grant also supported the production of a video recording of the final puppet performances at Memorial Composite High, produced by the University’s Media Department.  This video will be used in area schools to promote joint learning opportunities for learning and resource centre students.  The University also hosted an ArtsSmarts Professional Development workshop for teachers with the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board. 


Project Title Drum Beats and Cultural Awareness

School Membertou Elementary

Student (s) 55 Grade P-6s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Darrell Syms, Laurrainne Stevens, Dawn Dugandzic

Name(s) of Artist(s) Shirley Christmas, Sandra Christmas

Project Partner(s) Membertou Elementary welcomed schools in the area to participate in their cultural programs.  Cape Breton University supported the school through their Program Coordinator of Youth Services.  Membertou students were invited to participate in the CBU/Cape Breton Victoria School Board sponsored Youth and Drama Festival.


Project Title Jewellery

School Millwood High School

Student (s) 25 Grade 10-12s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Anna Whalen, Blair Abbass (Enrichment Coordinator), Linda Wills

Name(s) of Artist(s) Candice Prior

Project Partner(s) Students from Lockeview High School also participated in the workshops.  This project was part of the Nova Scotia Department of education’s Challenge for Excellence program.

Project Title Community of Clowns

School Pentz Elementary

Student (s) 102 Grade P-6s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Curtis Snyder

Name(s) of Artist(s) Sarah McClure, Joanne Jefferson

Project Partner(s) Parents, friends and community members were invited to a Community Clowning event at the school.  A small group of students also performed clowning acts at locations in town.


Project Title From Fish to Egg: The Lifecycle of the Salmon

School Petite Riviere School

Student (s) 75 Grade P-6s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Nick Jeffrey, Jalena Faulkner, Shirley Cox, Val Delong

Name(s) of Artist(s) Ronnie Scullion

Project Partner(s) A Petite Riviere community organization donated an aquarium for this project, which involved studying and interpreting the life cycle of the salmon.  The school is also participating in the Petite Riviere Salmon Restocking program.

Project Title Creating the Look of Health

School Pictou Elementary

Student (s) 45 Grade P-6s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Rita Wilson, Sue Ellen Heighton Langille, Heather Mattie

Name(s) of Artist(s) Susan Tilsley Manley

Project Partner(s) Sutherland Harris Hospital Fund also contributed funding in conjunction with the Healthy School Initiative for Pictou Elementary.


Project Title Clay Kingdoms

School Shelburne Regional High School

Student (s) 17 Grade 11s (French Immersion)

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Lisa Haliburton, Kim Morrison

Name(s) of Artist(s) Alison Stanton

Project Partner(s) Local fisherman provided specimens for the students to study for their project work.


Project Title Math by Design – A Quilt Tile Project

School Smokey Drive Elementary

Student (s) 279 Grade P-6s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Betty Savage

Name(s) of Artist(s) Marijke Simons

Project Partner(s) The Parent Teacher Association and the School Advisory Council contributed funding to the project.


Project Title Animation Globalization

School South Shore Alternate School

Student (s) 30 Grade 10-12s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Karen Wentzell, Jim Turner

Name(s) of Artist(s) Ronnie Scullion

Project Partner(s) The animation and videos created by the students have been submitted to various competitions and received coverage on CBC television.


Project Title Sticks and Stones

School Chedabucto Education Centre/Guysborough Academy

Student (s) 25 Grade 7s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Jodi Chisholm, Chris Lumsden (VP)

Name(s) of Artist(s) Jim Muise

Poject Partner(s) This is a partnership project with the African Nova Scotia Division of Nova Scotia Department of Education.  The Department provided equipment and assistance for the students to video conference with their project partner school, Yarmouth Junior High.


Project Title The Life of Ada Fells

School Yarmouth Junior High

Student (s) 30 Grade 7s

Name(s) of Teacher(s) Scott Markle

Name(s) of Artist(s) Louise Delisle

Project Partner(s) This is a partnership project with the African Nova Scotia Division of Nova Scotia Department of Education.


Professional Development Workshops


EB Chandler Junior High Teacher Workshop

ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia artist Karen Stentaford lead a school-based Professional Development day that introduced teachers to puppet making skills, script writing and performance techniques.


Joseph Howe Elementary Teacher Workshop

Teachers learned silkscreening, photo transfer and lino cut techniques for their ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia project, Kamishibai Community.


Inverness Teacher Workshop

25 Teachers from Wacobah, Wycogamah, Terre Noir, Dalbrae and Inverness Elementary, young people from the Katimavic program, home schooling parents and local artists engaged in printmaking and discussions about art with ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia artist, Melissa Marr.


Victoria Cape Breton Regional School Board Teacher Workshop

30 teachers from Victoria Cape Breton Regional Schools attended a daylong workshop with artist Iris Currie.  Participants explored art skills used with special needs learners, puppet making and performance techniques.