Image result for The Very Impressive Mcgill UniversityMcGill University has to be considered one of the best schools in Canada for different reasons.

Worldwide Recognition

It one of the several schools in Canada that are recognized in many different parts of the world. Students from all around the globe come here to learn. As a result, the student body here is a diverse one.

What is the School Most Noted For?

Every school usually has something unique that it is noted for. For McGill, it would have to be for their reputation for research. The Nature of Radioactivity was researched at McGill University and was spearheaded by Nobel Prize winner Ernest Rutherford.

Then added to the notoriety of this school was the invention for the artificial blood cell. For those that are familiar with Plexiglas, they may not realize that its invention also took place at this Univesity.


For students attending McGill, it usually means success. As a graduate of this university, they are immediately recognized as being a graduate of a Canadian school that is noted for the highest grade entry. Many of the students that have attended here have been recipients of both national and international awards.


This university is recognized for the Rhodes Scholarship that has been awarded to 144 McGill students.

History of McGill

The school is located in Quebec and came into being in 1821 as a result of the royal charter issued by King George IV. The school was named after a Montreal businessman by the name of James McGill.

The school has grown to such a size that it has an educational roster of over 300 different areas of studies. The school has educated five astronauts. Also, three Canadian Prime Ministers received their education here.

While the school is highly recognized for its academic and research it is also well known by the sports world for its football, basketball and also hockey.