When one thinks of visiting Canada they often put Toronto at the top of their list. Then for those who wish to study in this country they quite often make the University of Toronto their first choice.

This is not because it is the only one they are familiar with. Nor, is it because it is one of the fewer higher education Schools in the country. Canada has many of these types of learning institutions to choose from.

What the University of Toronto is Noted For

The U of T is well recognized as being a research learning establishment. As such the University is driven to invention, and is well recognized for innovation. Through these doors have passed more than 560,000 graduates .

Image result for University of Toronto GoalsUnivesrity of Toronto Goals

Although this university really needs to do little to bolster their recognition they have set some big goals for themselves. Their objective by the year 2030 is to increase their global ranking as a world-leading educational institution for research.

History of the School

The University of Toronto was established way back in 1827. It was originally known as the King’s College, that was originally under the control of the Church of England. It wasn’t until 1850 that it became known as the University of Toronto.

Accolades of the U of T

As a learning research institution, it can add the discovery of insulin and stem cell research to its list of achievements. The first significant electron microscope was developed here. This is just a few of many such discoveries that the University can claim credit for.

Sports and the U of T

One may be familiar with the Varsity Blues and if so then their home is the University of Toronto. The university is also actively involved in gridiron football and of the course the Canadian favourite which is ice hockey.