This is another one of Canada’s public research learning institutions. This university is a collection of a variety of campuses and is a 6 faculty school. Aside from the main university, there are three satellite campuses which makes it most convenient for those who cannot access the main campus.

Image result for History of the University of WaterlooHistory of the University of Waterloo

This is one of the newer Universities in Canada as it was established in 1957. Originally it was part of Waterloo College but became its own entity as a University. One of the reasons this University came into being was because of the dire need for a training platform for engineers following the war. After serving this purpose it continued to grow in popularity and the need for it was clearly present.

Co-Educational Facility

This means this institution is able to accommodate both undergraduates and postgraduates students.

Successes and Achievements

This is a University that has also gained worldwide recognition. It has ranked 163 in the QS World University rankings for 2018. Also, 230th worldwide in the US News & World Report for University Rankings in 2018.

There are also several other accolades that could be mentioned. Among all of these ratings, perhaps the most important of all is that its engineering program has been ranked as one of the best worldwide. For the Faculty of mathematics, the University has held the position of 34th in the world and 3rd in Canada.

Research Activity

As a research learning institution, the University has 41 research centers that are of high importance. As this type of institution, it rates 17th in Canada.Getting into the Univesrity of Waterloo. Admissions are going to depend on a number of different factors. It will depend on whether the student is from Ontario, or other provinces, as well as the University accepts international students. The variation in admissions is based on the marking schemes.